Why do we deviate from doing our passions?

May 3, 2013

“Why am I deviating from doing my passions?”

Today, I asked myself that question after wondering why I’m currently doing jobs that are not connected to my passions. It’s an epiphany that slapped me in the face. I realized it’s time to get my shit together and start making some changes. A great question to ask yourself when you find yourself restless in life or unsure and unhappy with the direction of your life.

I then remembered a chat I had a couple days ago on Facebook. I don’t know why but when I was re-reading the chat, I was surprised to read me saying something wise. It got me wondering why is it when we are talking to someone, we can say something wise but then we find ourselves having a hard time practicing our own wisdom?

I read a quote posted on Facebook that said, “When we give advice to someone, we are actually giving advice to ourselves.” Life would definitely be easier if we are all self-aware in knowing that the answers we seek in life are actually inside us. The problem is that we haven’t articulated it yet. I wish I articulated this stuff 10 years ago. Maybe I have? Damn, why do I keep forgetting this stuff? I guess knowing the answers is not enough; one must take those answers and apply it and practice it in order for it to have any effect.

Anyway here’s how the last part of the chat went: (note: To protect the person’s identity and also it’s a private chat, I changed the person’s name and a few details.)

WA (1:24PM): I’m just waiting for right time.
[The stuff] is huge benefit that’s why I still want to keep it as a weekend job in some ways.
But I can’t have it anymore as full-time.

ME (1:25pm): People are just torturing themselves when they keep doing something they know they don’t want to do. Sooner or later people have to figure out what’s really important. Life is short.

WA (1:28pm): Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about too.

ME (1:30pm): People don’t know this but they have to figure out what their priorities are. [The stuff] or being stress free and happy at what you do.
That’s why I’m taking time right now to figure out my priorities. I don’t want to do things anymore that I’m not happy doing because I’m just doing it for the money.

WA (1:34pm): Yeah, but some of us can’t afford to just quit out of nowhere unless we’re sure there’s something to rely on. There’s bills to pay.

ME (1:41pm): That’s the thing, bills… the number 1 excuse that stops people from doing something with their life. How many times I have made decisions based on that excuse. People wait for the perfect situation before making their move. But I find the perfect situation rarely comes and sometimes when a perfect situation does come, we don’t realize and see it as a perfect situation. I learned we have to make our perfect situation. That’s how it comes to us. It never comes out of the blue.

Bills will always be there but time moves on and keeps moving forward. We never get time back… Is life only about paying bills? That’s why people should figure out their priorities.