oct. 8, 2014

Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) 2014: I have been busy the last 16 days working for VIFF. In exchange for making some money, I don’t get to watch any movies during VIFF. Mostly because I’m just too tired to watch any movie at the end of my shift.

But on the rare time that I have enough energy to watch a movie after work, I got to see a movie tonight that was 99% awesome but tragically it was ruined by the ending. The movie was “Haemoo” (Sea Fog) from South Korea. I don’t know what’s with Korean films but I find that some of them have trouble on how to end a movie. I left the theater saying “Man that was an awesome movie but DAMN, the ending just ruined it.”

To be specific, the ending was ruined by the filmmakers’ indecisiveness. Either stick to your guns if you want to end the movie on a positive note or on a bitter note. But don’t pussy out and put on some bullshit middle of the road ending just to appease all demographics. It’s like leading your team in scoring during the entire game but when crunch time came, you elected to pass the ball rather than man up and take the game winning shot . And what happened was that the person who you passed the ball to ended up missing the shot. BOOM, Game Over! You just ruined what could have been one of the best movies of the year.