OCT. 29, 2014

Oh my God! The movie “Gone Girl” is an intense emotional roller coaster ride. The movie ranks for me among one of the best modern day film noirs. I also love the commentary on the social media-court of public opinion-24 hour news cycle world we live in now. And the villain is one of the scariest villains put on screen. I would love to be more specific in saying the specific cinematic term that the villain falls under but to say it may spoil the movie.

Finally, the Academy should just give the Oscar for Best Musical Score to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross because whoever they nominate this year would not come close to what Trent and Atticus has created in Gone Girl. From the first frame to the last, the score creates an atmosphere where it ties your emotions into a knot. The music thrusts, then twists, then pulls your emotions making what you see feel so real.

Once the movie ended, I could not wait to go home and get into my house clothes and feel secure again. That’s how much the movie “Gone Girl” took me for a ride.