PODCAST: The Projectionist pilot episode 4

Here’s the podcast to The Projectionist pilot episode 4 at CiTR 101.9 FM Vancouver, Tue. Jun. 11, 2013 (11PM – 12:30AM PST) 

So far, it’s the longest show I have done. Almost 2 hours long and presenting 3 and a half movie reviews. I wanted to see how it goes if I present 3 movie reviews in a show. And I learned that doing 3 movie reviews is too much material to fit in a 1 and a half hour show. At least out of it, I finally figured out the sweet spot for the show.

The Projectionist pilot episode 4:
Movie reviews of “The Internship“; “The Purge“; “The We and The I“; and a mini-review of the documentary “Bully