PODCAST: The Projectionist pilot episode 3

Here’s the podcast to last night’s show of The Projectionist pilot episode 3 at CiTR 101.9 FM Vancouver, Tue. Jun. 4, 2013 (11PM – 12:30AM PST) 

I watched out for my audio levels when I was talking and it’s better than episode 2, which is a good sign. Except for one unexpected “monkey wrench” thrown into the show; a drunk female caller pestering me during the entire show. She was my first official on-air caller on the show. So I was happy to have her. But at the same time it was my first time experiencing a “nuisance caller” so I did not know how to handle it.

I probably ended up giving her more slack and air time than she deserves. If you notice near the last quarter of the show, I had enough of her crap that a couple of times I just hanged up on her mid-speech. There’s a part of me that really wanted to go all “Frank Underwood” on her and just lay it on her. It makes me wonder what would have happened. Definitely next time, I now know what to do. You live and learn.

The Projectionist” pilot episode 3:
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