can a well stocked fridge impress the ladies?

This video is like watching a clip from a movie. Actually this video shows that the most entertaining characters are not in the movies but are found in real life.

One comment on the video said it best, “I have never seen someone who is so dedicated to get pussy……..almost inspirational.”

Sound Mixer Hell

The video is funny but also very true. I experienced this BS so many times. This not only applies to Sound Mixers but also to every crew member who has worked/volunteered on low/no budget independent films who encountered Producers and Directors that think you don’t need money to make a movie and the glamour of working on a movie is enough for anyone to sign up.

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Denim Psycho

Whoever thought about this jeans advertisement is a mad genius. It may be a parody but it eerily captures the pathetic truth on the absurd lengths “some” hipsters will go just to maintain their image.

Jeremy Jahns

2 things I like about Jeremy Jahns‘ movie reviews is the tone of his reviews. When you watch his reviews, it feels like listening to a friend telling me his thoughts about a movie he just saw or what he thinks about something.

And the 2nd reason I like watching Jeremy’s reviews is to see the random impressions he does during his reviews. Whether I agree or disagree with his opinion about a movie, one thing is for certain, his reviews almost always makes me laugh.