Behind the Criterion Collection Process

For me the Criterion Collection is one of the best distributors and restorers of cinema. One time I ended up going crazy and buying a lot of Criterion Collection DVDs online which cost me an equivalent of one paycheck of the month. And that was when Criterion had a 50% off sale.

The perfectionist in me would love to have all of the Criterion Collection DVDs from Issue #1 all the way to the current released DVD. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I have come to the realization that I don’t have the disposable income to afford a collection. I think it will cost thousands of dollars in order to have the complete Criterion Collection.

Anyway, the video is awesome in showing insight into Criterion Collection’s process of restoring films.


The Art of Editing in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A great video essay from Max Tohine breaking down the technical side of how Sergio Leone and the film’s editors Eugenio Alabiso and Nino Baragli created one of the greatest duels in cinema history. The video essay provides insight into the art of editing and also the genius of Sergio Leone.

In his essay, Max Tohine shows that editing is not just the art of creating relationships between shots. It can also be a lot of things.

– Editing as mathematical pattern.
– Editing as a way to express thought
– Editing as a pure musical rhythm