Carly Rae Jepsen meets NIN

After discovering the Taylor Swift-Nine Inch Nails mash-up, it then led me to this awesome mash-up. I can’t believe Nine Inch Nails can turn Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” into an awesome song. I can’t believe Nine Inch Nail songs can become super pop. I love it!


This is why I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love Facebook because sometimes you get to discover awesome things that you would have never found out if it weren’t for social media.

This is the most awesome thing I have heard. It’s one of those crazy combinations that on paper looks like it would never work. But then when you do combine the two, it creates something totally new and awesometacular.

Only the Japanese are crazy enough to combine Japanese Teen Pop and mix it with Heavy Metal. But strangely it works. This may be the best metal song ever written about how awesome it is to eat chocolate. When I listen BABYMETAL‘s music, I can’t help imagine it playing on the soundtrack of “Blade” or on a sci-fi “Blade Runner” type of movie.


Remembering Tado


Photo courtesy of Dakila

Arvin Jimenez, more popularly known as “Tado” passed away on the morning of February 7, 2014 in a bus crash in Bontoc, Mountain Province. The first time I saw Tado was on Word of the Lourd’s satire “How to make an Indie”. I thought nothing of him other than found his performance funny.

But then last week, I finally got to watch Brillante Mendoza’s “Captive” and as I was watching the movie, I instantly recognized Tado with his long hair and thick black-rimmed over sized glasses playing one of the Abu Sayaf bandits. I said to myself, “Hey that’s the guy from ‘How to make an Indie’.” Knowing nothing about who was in the movie “Captive” other than it being a Brillante Mendoza film; I was surprised to see the movie full of who’s who of character actors from Philippine indie and mainstream cinema. Some where even very brief in and out cameos, that you would not notice them unless you are familiar with the actor.

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The Awesome Lego Movie

I’m loving “The Lego Movie“. It reminds me of “Wreck It Ralph“. It’s the kind of movie that hits the inner child in me. Plus it’s the first time in a long time where I watched the movie with a cinema full of kids. It was a special experience when a hardcore cinephile gets to feel like a kid again enjoying a movie. And you know a movie is awesome when you overhear kids say “This is the best movie I have ever seen”.
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Denim Psycho

Whoever thought about this jeans advertisement is a mad genius. It may be a parody but it eerily captures the pathetic truth on the absurd lengths “some” hipsters will go just to maintain their image.

The 365 page book

Year end

I haven’t really been posting a lot but I figured this is the best idea to approach every New Year. A lot can happen in a year and the way it looks 2014 will be one heck of a novel in the life of Michael Edillor. May you all have an awesome 2014.

The Broken Circle Breakdown

The soundtrack to one of my favorite films of 2013. “The Broken Circle Breakdown” is one of those rare films where the music is so interconnected with the story to the point where the music and story become one. The story cannot exist without the music and the music cannot exist without the story. Together they elevate the film and the emotions to a powerful level.

I have never really got hooked on country music but after watching the movie it made me reevaluate my opinion about country music. I have never really given country music a fair assessment. But after the movie, I’m now a fan of the genre.


Jeremy Jahns

2 things I like about Jeremy Jahns‘ movie reviews is the tone of his reviews. When you watch his reviews, it feels like listening to a friend telling me his thoughts about a movie he just saw or what he thinks about something.

And the 2nd reason I like watching Jeremy’s reviews is to see the random impressions he does during his reviews. Whether I agree or disagree with his opinion about a movie, one thing is for certain, his reviews almost always makes me laugh.

Wildlife Cinematography

I don’t know why but as a filmmaker watching this video gave me a rush. It would have been awesome to film a Black Rhino in its natural habitat. I don’t know though if I would go so far and put myself in the danger zone to get a shot. What I found the biggest mistake the cameraman did was to immediately crouch down when he got near the rhino. Seriously, he looked like a lion suddenly crouching to prepare for an attack.

The last thing a wildlife cameraman/cinematographer wants is to be part of the story. The focus should be all about the animals in their natural habitat and not about someone trying to get the shot. The only reason the cameraman walked away and had a good story to tell was because of how cool and composed he was with his response to the rhino. Kim is the James Hunt version of wildlife cameramen.

We are not a statistic

Around 438 workers died after a garment factory collapsed at Savar Rana Plaza. Most of them are women. Savar Dhaka, Bangladesh, 24th April 2013 / Photo by Taslima Akhter

The most haunting, sad, tragic but at the same time the most romantic photo I have ever seen in my life. It’s like straight out of Shakespeare or a tragic movie where two people who love each other embrace themselves one last time, never letting go in the face of death.

The man’s tender loving embrace on the woman. He put his body in front of her, hoping to protect her from the falling concrete and steel. The tear of blood rolling down his face as if telling her, “I’m sorry.”

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Guillermo del Toro’s Bleak House

Oh My God! I want a house just like that. Total geekgasm!!!

Guillermo del Toro: “[The man cave or “Bleak House” was designed to be sort of a compression chamber where we can create a stimulating environment] that provokes a shock to the system and gets circulating the lifeblood of imagination which I think is curiosity. When we lose curiosity, I think we lose entirely inventiveness and we start becoming old.”

Amen Guilermo, AMEN!