Lino Brocka Mini-doc

A talking heads documentary about Lino Brocka where people who have worked with him and are fans of him talk about his life and legacy as a filmmaker, as an activist and as their friend. We get some insight into Lino Brocka’s films and their impact and influence to Philippine Cinema and also insight into Lino Brocka’s working methods and his management and leadership skills and also some conspiracy theory on his sudden death and the reaction afterwards.

“Lino Brocka: Sa Kabila Ng Lahat” 

Directed/Edited by Mervin A. Villar


The documentary is split into 2 parts:

Part 1

Part 2

For a class project, I find it’s a very good short documentary. In fact it would have been awesome if it could be longer and more thorough.

I did find the musical score that accompanied the interviews on certain segments could be improved, especially the part when the “Armageddon theme” was playing while the subjects talk about Lino Brocka’s death and possible conspiracy about it. The music made his death and even the conspiracy of his death sound epic and action packed. I felt the tone that it evoked on that segment was jarring and off sync.