The Awesome Lego Movie

I’m loving “The Lego Movie“. It reminds me of “Wreck It Ralph“. It’s the kind of movie that hits the inner child in me. Plus it’s the first time in a long time where I watched the movie with a cinema full of kids. It was a special experience when a hardcore cinephile gets to feel like a kid again enjoying a movie. And you know a movie is awesome when you overhear kids say “This is the best movie I have ever seen”.

Also I’m loving the movie’s theme song. I can’t stop humming the song after leaving the cinema.

NOTE: The movie doesn’t have any bonus scenes after the end credits BUT the songs in the end credits is worth the stay. I just found the songs funny.

Another awesome version of “The Lego Movie” theme song. What makes the song awesome is the epic feel to it with a mix of 90s MTV Unplugged and Creed.